Handmade Earrings

One of a Kind Designs by Florida Artisans

RLoveH Handmade dangle earrings featuring brown cowhide leather diamonds and rustic bronze chain
Beaded disc with slinky chain drop earrings showcased on female model
RLoveH Handmade earrings featuring double circular silver braided wreath design
RLoveH bronze steel double stacked diamond pendant dangle earrings
Pair of RLoveH pearlized disc & silver accent dangle earrings
RLoveH Handmade earrings featuring double tiered pyramid design made from cowhide leather and pure copper

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So cute! — Val

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About Our Unique Designs

Our designs are hand crafted by artisans who use found objects and fashion them into interesting & beautiful earrings. The result is a varied selection of One of a Kind earrings that reflect the artistic styles of the people making them.

Each pair is Unique and never duplicated.

All posts are Hypoallergenic. All earrings are made in the USA.

What are found objects?

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Model wears handcrafted earrings by RLoveH

Popular Styles

Several styles popular among our customers...

Pair of handmade pearl earrings by RLoveH


Faux pearls and pearly materials such as beads or buttons — usually Vintage — to create a feminine design.

Pair of handmade leather earrings by RLoveH


Cowhide leather that's been reclaimed and fashioned into something new & fantastic.

Pair of handmade stud earrings by RLoveH


Big or small and making use of all kinds of found objects, these earrings all begin on the ear lobe instead of below it.

Pair of handmade dangle earrings by RLoveH

Drop & Dangle

Most diverse of all types are the drops & dangles. Known for their movement and flow. Be a minimalist or make a statement.

Pair of handmade hoop earrings by RLoveH


Big, small, round or oval, with or without accents. All kinds of hoops!

Pair of handmade industrial earrings by RLoveH


Raw & edgy. A style that combines metals in various colors and shapes. Somewhat unfinished, yet cohesive.

Featured Pair

Handmade One-of-a-Kind drop earrings featuring silver nylon heart pendant accented with red cable

We think these Silver & Red Minimalist Heart Pendant Earrings are super cute and charming.

How were they created? The artisan stripped an iPhone charger cord and found a braided nylon cord underneath which was shaped into an heart pendant. Then, the pendant was accented with red cable wire. Finally, the pendants were hung from stainless steel French hook posts.

We think the silver and red combination in this minimalist pair of earrings is so cute! And we like how they are slightly imperfect. They're "perfectly imperfect", you could say.

Complement a white shirt and dark blue jeans with a subtle splash of red, or wear them with a simple red dress. They are so versatile, and so darling!

Custom Made Earrings

Did you know that you can order a pair of custom earrings for only $29?

Use our Contact Form to send us a Message, and be sure to include...

  1. Your name
  2. Your email and phone number
  3. An idea as to the style and colors you like, or the look you are trying to achieve
  4. Select either silver or gold stainless steel posts. Posts using precious metals are available for an additional charge.

We'll give you a call to discuss details, but the rest of the creative process is up to us!

We'll create a pair just for you and send them to you within 14 days.

Place Custom Order


Pretty blonde woman wearing long, gold & feminine spherical earrings

How We Craft Feminine and Charming Earrings... [more]

We explore our found objects and look for innately feminine pieces. For example, anything floral. Also, beads that are pastel or pearlized.

Then, we think about how to use additional materials to maintain a sufficiently simple earring that will appear sophisticated and feminine. Of course, a degree of artistry and interpretation is required.

Gold hammered loops fastened into stacked dangle earrings

How We Make Hammered Gold Dangle Earrings... [more]

Some of our gold hammered earrings have been made using an interesting type of object... metal tubes from hair salons.

The inside of some metal tubes has a beautiful gold/copper sheen. The metal is light, sturdy, and pliable. After cleaning and careful cutting, the metal is hammered into various shapes. Then, the hammered shapes are fastened in different ways to create one-of-a-kind earrings.

Pretty Latina woman wears metal hoops with bead centerpiece

Interesting Objects We Find for Our Earrings... [more]

Each pair of earrings we craft is one-of-a-kind. No pair is ever duplicated. We achieve this mainly by gathering arbitrary and interesting found objects and using them in a creative way. Sometimes, we have to paint, bend or hammer these found objects to create something different. On occasion, a found object is perfect just as it is.

Some of the found objects we have used in our earrings include:

  • Metal pieces from computer motherboards and other electronics
  • Metal spirals from ink pen cartridges and notebooks
  • Fasteners from clothing
  • Pieces from broken jewelry or accessories, such as belts
  • Metal hair color tubes from hair salons
  • Stripped wires from cell phone charger cords