Pretty woman wearing geometric metal drop earrings with fancy tassel
RLoveH earrings featuring silver metal thread tied in bow and accented with translucent royal blue glass beads
Pretty woman wears drop earrings made from gold discs and large white round beads
Earthy wooden Boho mismatched earrings with soft yellow accent by RLoveH
Pretty woman wears long geometric dangle earrings featuring three tiers of spheres
Pair of slinky two tone chain minimalist drop earrings by RLoveH
Beautiful woman against a golden sunlit background wears RLoveH earrings


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About Our One-of-a-Kind Earrings

We handcraft each pair of earrings from repurposed and found objects — objects that serve as interesting and artistic centerpieces.

Each pair is unique. That’s right... No two pairs are ever the same.

All posts are Hypoallergenic. All earrings are made in the USA.

What are found objects?

Found objects are materials not normally considered to be used in art, often because they originally had a non-art function.

The use of found objects paves the way for an interesting form of unique wearable art.

At times, we take our found objects and cut, bend, or reshape them in order to create something new, interesting and ultimately... beautiful!

Jewelry made from found objects bring new life from forgotten about or discarded objects which range from coins, bits of hardware or metal, accessories, broken necklaces or bracelets, game pieces, computer and electronic parts – basically anything that can be refashioned into something else!

Variety of jewelry making tools

What Our Clients Say

Gorgeous earrings — Betsey

So cute! — Val

Even prettier in person — Lynn


Pretty woman with soft and sophisticated apparel wears charming and feminine drop earrings by RLoveH

How We Craft Feminine and Charming Earrings... [more]

We explore our found objects and look for innately feminine pieces. For example, anything floral, pastel or pearlized.

Then, we think about how to use additional materials to maintain a sufficiently simple earring that will appear sophisticated and feminine. Of course, a degree of artistry and interpretation is required.

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Gold hammered loops fastened into stacked dangle earrings

How We Make Hammered Gold Earrings... [more]

Some of our gold hammered earrings have been made using an interesting type of object — metal tubes from hair salons.

The inside of some metal tubes has a beautiful gold or copper sheen. The metal is light, sturdy, and pliable. After cleaning and careful cutting it, the metal is hammered into various shapes. Then, the hammered shapes are fastened in different ways to create flirty, one-of-a-kind earrings.

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Pretty Latina woman wears metal hoops with bead centerpiece

Interesting Objects We Find for Our Earrings... [more]

Each pair of earrings we craft is one-of-a-kind, and we achieve this mainly by gathering arbitrary and interesting found objects and using them in creative ways. At times, we have to paint, bend or hammer found objects to create something new. Other times, a found object is perfect just as it is.

Some of the found objects we have used in our earrings include:

  • Metal pieces from computer motherboards and other electronics
  • Metal spirals from ink pen cartridges and notebooks
  • Fasteners from clothing
  • Pieces from broken necklaces, bracelets or accessories such as belts
  • Metal hair color tubes from hair salons
  • Stripped wires from cell phone charger cords
  • Left over natural reeds from basket weaving materials
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