Earring hand crafting tools

Each pair of RLoveH earrings is handmade by Florida artisans who use found objects and fashion them into interesting & beautiful earrings. Each design is an artistic expression that is as varied as the person making it. That's why we have so many different designs and styles.

Each pair is Unique and never duplicated. Yes, each pair is truly One of a Kind.

When you own a pair of RLoveH earrings, you truly own a unique piece of wearable art that no one else has... or can get!

All our posts are Hypoallergenic, and all our earrings are made in the USA.

Quality, eye-catching fastening materials

We source quality, eye-catching materials to fasten our found objects into unique, beautiful and fun earrings that are affordable. Such materials include...

  • Stainless steel posts. Stainless steel is strong, non-tarnishing and does not cause allergic reactions. We offer stainless steel posts in gold and silver.
  • Gold filled posts. At times, we also use gold filled posts in rose or yellow gold when gold is the best color option to accentuate an earring's beauty.
  • Pearlized stainless steel wire. Strong, non-tarnishing, clean and beautiful, our pearlized stainless steel wire is coated in white and is a beautiful alternative to standard jewelry-making wire.
  • Sterling silver and other previous metals. Strong & long lasting, we sometimes use precious metals in our designs. Those wanting to Custom Order a pair of RLoveH earrings can upgrade their order to include sterling silver or gold filled posts.

What are found objects?

Found objects are materials not normally considered to be used in art, often because they originally had a non-art function.

The use of found objects paves the way for an interesting form of wearable art.

At times, we take our found objects and cut, bend, or reshape them in order to create something new, interesting and ultimately... beautiful!

Jewelry made from found objects brings new life from forgotten about or discarded objects which range from coins, bits of hardware or metal, accessories, broken necklaces or bracelets, game pieces, computer and electronic parts – basically anything that can be refashioned into something else!